Monday, October 17, 2011

Week 6

KnowYourSnow can be an incredibly innovative and popular weather and entertainment source, however, we must capitalize on all aspects of technology and keep up with the ever-changing internet fads. One aspect that is very important now-a-days is social networking and I believe that KnowYourSnow can definitely use it as an advantage. As our company grows and becomes more popular, we will add a feature that will allow users to create their own profile and interact with other users. They will have the capability to post statuses, interact with friends, and comment on whether or not school is closed. I see on Facebook whenever there is a snow day, everyone puts it as their status. This will allow users to do the same only on an easier and more specific interface. Also, users find pleasure in creating a profile with a picture and information about them, this will keep users entertained while on the site.

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