Monday, September 26, 2011

Week 3: Hardware/Software

Creating a well organized, well working, user friendly application and website like KnowYourSnow is an incredibly complicated task. In order to achieve our goal, we must use a variety of the software that is available to us. We must develop and design software and utilize software already created. Some of the apps that are already available to iPhone users can serve as a premise to build our own, such as the weather app. 
There are many types of software we can use in order to make our product work to the best of its ability. For example, in order to make our website aesthetically pleasing, we would need to use Desktop Publishing Software. Also, we can use Paint/Imaging Editing Software to design the web page.

Not only does the website have to look professional, but it must also have the capability to contain images, graphics, text and video. This can be done by using Multimedia Authorizing Software. We can also use RSS aggregators, Web browsers and VoIP.

Monday, September 19, 2011

Week 2: Excel

My company will make good use of excel spreadsheets in order to keep track of the expenses and income and outcome. With excel, we can record the amount of money we spend each month on expenses and see if it is over or under our company budget. We will record each expense such as paying workers, maintaining the web domain, advertising, etc. And we will record all the money we make, either from App purchase, advertising, and company investment. With this information, we can make educational decisions on what to invest our money in or whether or not we need to cut down on our spending. Excel enables the company to keep track of funds with a user-friendly simple spreadsheet. If our funds are recorded daily on Excel, we will be able to monitor our spending and create a company that maximizes profit. We will never lose track of our expenses and will always know if our company is over or under limits. Excel is a great way to organize and maintain our spending and develop a foundation to build our company.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Week 1: Topic/Social Media


Remember staying awake till morning on those long winter nights watching the weather channel religiously to see if your school has a snow day or not? Well the wait is over. The revolutionary new iPhone Application, Website and Social Media site, called KnowYourSnow, will eliminate the anticipation forever. It's also incredibly simple to use. Users simply enter their school's name and town into the information box and are transported to a world without worries. KnowYourSnow will immediately calculate the probability of having a snow day considering weather conditions and past recollections. 

KnowYourSnow will take advantage of the technological era in new and exciting ways. Users will be able to download the application from the App Store and get updates and notifications straight to their phone. Also, since children these days spend the majority of their time on the computer and social media sites, users can "like" KnowYourSnow on Facebook or follow us on Twitter. The KnowYourSnow Facebook page will notify users in the event of a snow day and update them the whole night long. Also, it will allow users to connect with one another either to complain on how they didn't do their homework or plan their day off accordingly. Twitter will allow users to do the same while receiving free advertising through trending and tweets.

Although they are it's main target, KnowYourSnow will not only be available to young grade school children. It will also benefit users who are college students, or need to commute in general. KnowYourSnow will allow teachers to notify students if class is cancelled, and post further directions. It will notify users if roads are closed, trains are off schedule, or flights are cancelled. It will basically replace your local weather network with a fun, innovative, user-friendly snow notification machine.