Monday, October 10, 2011

Week 5

The idea and concept of KnowYourSnow is different and I believe it can be extremely successful, but the meeting I had on Friday made me realize that it has to be more developed. For example, the aspect of KnowYourSnow that seems most appealing to others is the fact that it will predict the chances of a snow day. Most of the appeal of snow for young children is staying up late watching the weather making predictions on whether or not school will be closed. This website will not only make this much easier for children to do, but it will enhance the experience with fun graphics and effects. Children will put in there school district and click "calculate my chance of a snow day". Next, a meter will appear on the screen that will show the percentage of having a snow day and rate it on a scale of "bring out the sleighs" to "dress warm and set the alarm". This section of the website or application will have many colors and cool fonts as it is directed at a younger age group.

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