Monday, October 31, 2011

Summary of My Entrepreneurship Idea

This project has come to develop my idea and the comments and feedback have really helped me improve the concept of my idea. At first, I knew I wanted to start a snow day website and application but I did not think of all the aspects that I can add to the idea. KnowYourSnow started out as a snow day notification system for students, but then I added more and more and my idea has developed into a weather site, social networking site, notification center, and teacher communication service.  I began to incorporate the lecture lessons and feedback from peers and my TA and realized how innovative the KnowYourSnow idea is and how popular it really could be. I utilized all aspects of technology and updated the concept when necessary.
I learned a lot about blogs, entrepreneurship and the importance of technology from doing this project and really enjoyed thinking of how I can make my idea grow and develop.

The three students blogs I commented on were:
Zachary Hess:
Michael Gelsinger:
Aaron Goldsmith:

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