Monday, October 31, 2011

Tech Crunch Blog Review

A powerful and successful blog utilizes all its resources to engage its users and provide them with up to date information on the subject. Many followers take into consideration the reliability of the information, the design and functionality of the blog, and how up to date the information is. As I was researching popular blogs one blog really appealed to each of these categories. The blog is named TechCrunch and reviews new technology, video games, and other technology aspects.
I really enjoyed reading the TechCrunch blog, especially since I am very interested in Apple technology. They have detailed reviews on all aspects of the iPhone 4s including battery life, Siri, iOS 5 and much more. Also, you can choose to see blog posts about Gadgets, Mobile, Social, StartUps, TCTV and many other subjects. I liked how each blog post is interesting and informative and there are many pictures and videos to explain each subject.

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