Monday, September 26, 2011

Week 3: Hardware/Software

Creating a well organized, well working, user friendly application and website like KnowYourSnow is an incredibly complicated task. In order to achieve our goal, we must use a variety of the software that is available to us. We must develop and design software and utilize software already created. Some of the apps that are already available to iPhone users can serve as a premise to build our own, such as the weather app. 
There are many types of software we can use in order to make our product work to the best of its ability. For example, in order to make our website aesthetically pleasing, we would need to use Desktop Publishing Software. Also, we can use Paint/Imaging Editing Software to design the web page.

Not only does the website have to look professional, but it must also have the capability to contain images, graphics, text and video. This can be done by using Multimedia Authorizing Software. We can also use RSS aggregators, Web browsers and VoIP.

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